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Marketing Job Interview Questions

Last Updated: January 24 2014 at 06:30pm EST

Marketing roles can require a variety of skills and employers often try to assess those skills through specialized marketing job interview questions. These marketing job interview questions that are tailored to help them judge whether a particular candidate has the necessary skills and is a fit for a given marketing role.

In preparing for an interview for a marketing position, it can be helpful to review sample marketing job interview questions. The following marketing job interview questions are used on HireArt’s online applications. We recommend that you practice responding to the following marketing job interview questions, then review the tips provided to see if there is anything you can improve!

Marketing Job Interview Questions

HireArt's Marketing Job Interview Questions

Question 1:

"The recent acquisition of Tumblr has raised major questions about the future of Social Media. A New York Times article recently argued that Facebook's approach is increasingly "seen as passive and outdated as people flock to sites like Tumblr where they can be more actively engaged in creating personal, expressive content to share."

Do you agree with this hypothesis? What direction would you advise the Facebook team to go in?

  • For any marketing job interview questions that reference real companies and articles, do your research, if possible! Look up the relevant article online
  • Make sure to answer the question directly. In this case, it is a two-part question.
  • Provide concrete evidence to back up your response to all marketing job interview questions.

Question 2:

In what ways do you think marketing has been affected by Big Data? Please give your overall hypothesis and list an example of one company that you think has used Big Data effectively to improve its marketing.

  • Some marketing job interview questions look to see if you have an understanding of the industry as a whole.
  • Consider showing off your marketing savvy by picking a company that might not be immediately obvious.
  • All answers to marketing job interview questions look better with thesis! Make a strong declarative statement and then back up that statement with the rest of your response.

Question 3:

Imagine that you work for 23andMe, a new company that helps individuals explore their DNA to learn about their ancestry and health information. Users send a small spit sample to 23andMe, pay $99, and get a report about their health within a few weeks.

You are hired to be the new VP of Marketing for 23andMe ( Before doing any market research, the CEO asks you what you think the biggest branding challenge for this new product will be. What do you tell her? Write a short email to the CEO below.

  • This is another of those marketing job interview questions where you can impress a recruiter by doing a little bit of research!
  • Role-playing marketing job interview questions are often looking to see how you might interact with co-workers and clients. Make sure your response shows off your working style.
  • Marketing job interview questions are also sometimes designed to take you outside of your comfort zone! Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about DNA testing— simply take what you know and apply it to the situation.

Question 4

What have you been doing most recently and why are you looking to make a change. Briefly summarize your experience.

  • Some marketing job interview questions are open-ended, providing a great opportunity to show off what you know! One great response to this question would be to name the marketing skills that you have developed at your previous jobs.
  • Marketing job interview questions that ask why you are looking for a change also provide the opportunity to describe what your ideal job environment looks like, and why you believe that this company is a good fit.
  • Pay attention to signifiers like “briefly”— if your response is too long, it may go unread!

More on Marketing Job Interview Questions

Of course different companies and processes will have different marketing job interview questions. What is important is to remember that these questions are always testing you for your marketing skills, so think about them in terms of how you can showcase what you know

For more information about marketing job interview questions and other tips, visit our resources page

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