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Video Interview Practice

Last Updated: January 24 2014 at 06:29pm EST

Video interviews have become more and more popular over the last few years as a way for employers to evaluate job applicants. They are a great way for applicants to make a personal impression on a recruiter before their actual, in-person interview. Therefore, video interview practice is an important part of your interview preparation.

Here at HireArt, we look at thousands of video interviews each month. We have seen many good video interviews and bad video interviews; one thing that the best video interviews have in common is that the applicants have obviously done video interview practice. Video interview practice can make a candidate appear more confident, capable, and qualified, all important factors in hiring decisions.

HireArt recommends that all applicants do video interview practice before recording. Here are some video interview practice tips!

Video Interview Practice

Do video interview practice on the website where you will be uploading your actual interview

Most websites that use video interviews (including HireArt) allow you to practice on the same interface you’ll use to upload your resume. Using the same interface will make you more comfortable. Who knows? Maybe what you thought would be a practice interview will end up being good enough to submit!

Keep an eye on the clock

Most video interview questions have a maximum time allocation. The time allocation can vary, but is usually around one to two minutes. Make sure to do a few rounds of video interview practice so that you don’t get cut off before you finish your response.

Make sure you have good audio video quality

Bad audio or video quality can really turn an employer off to your application, no matter how good your response is. As part of your video interview practice, make sure that you can be seen and heard clearly. If you cannot, think about moving to a different location or using a different computer for your video interview practice.

Make sure you are comfortable

It is very obvious to an interviewer or recruiter if you are uncomfortable or nervous in your video interview. When you record your video interview practice watch yourself and ask “Do I look comfortable?” If you do not, think about moving to a different location or changing your interview position— some people feel more comfortable recording video interviews standing up; others, standing down. Another good way to get more comfortable? More video interview practice!

If you want more tips on how to prepare for your video interview, visit our resources page

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